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2019 Social Media Marketing Tips

Thanks to social media your company could now reach millions, if not billions, of individuals, especially when opting to use a social media marketing Lancashire agency. However, even those that do not opt for professional assistance can still do OK, especially when they follow industry leading tips and tricks. Today we are here to share some top social media tips that we believe all companies should be using this year…


Some companies get social media and then delete it after a few days/weeks simply because they do not think it is working for them. However, these people must realise that social media success doesn’t come overnights, you have to stick by it and stay active! As long as you consistently post high quality posts on your social accounts your audiences with grow overtime.


Consumers now have shorter attention spans than ever before meaning that many of them do not have the time or energy to read lengthy, wordy posts. You should use eye-catching images to draw user’s attention. Posts with images often gain more likes, comments and exposure.


You need to ensure that you are posting all at the best times, based on when your customers and target audiences are the most active. If you are going to busy during these times it is very important that you schedule posts in advance otherwise you are going to miss potential custom. Scheduling posts can also be timesaving.


Similarly, to image based content, users LOVE video content. A great video can capture the attention of users for up to thirty minutes, and sometimes even longer. Invest in obtaining great video content for your company, and think about what will really capture your target audience’s attention. YouTube and Instagram are great platforms for video content however all platforms can benefit from it.


On almost all social media channels there are options for paid advertising, allowing people to reach even more people within their target audiences easily and efficiently. If you are going to consider using paid advertising it is sometimes best practice to run campaigns without first to see which posts are the most beneficial to your customers.


When looking to get the absolute most out of social media without having to spend all of your time on it, it can be a good practice to hire a specialist SMM company to assist you such as SEO Lancashire.

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