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3 Ways Construction Tech Is Improving Jobsite Productivity & Safety

In the construction industry, “time is money” is quite literal. What made us say this? Well, the constant pressure project managers face on a continuous basis is no joke. One of which is to ensure the safety of its workers, considering the fatality in this industry is quite high. 

Fortunately, with the help of technology, it has been easier to ensure the safety of everyone. To support that, here are some of the ways construction tech is improving job site productivity and safety. 

1. Safety Inspections 

In the construction industry, safety management should adhere to regulations set by OSHA, and as much as possible, it should also make safety one of its priorities before the beginning of every work. 

As you set clear expectations for safety right from the start, then you’ll be able to set the tone that would ensure each construction worker clearly understands his responsibility for security. Through this, everyone will be able to work hand in hand and prevent injuries. 

What’s the best way to make that happen? Through constant communication with everyone, and this is what technology has to offer. Now, workers can communicate with each other in real-time, and that means they wouldn’t have to worry about the delay of information anymore.  

For safety managers, they have the responsibility to “walk the talk.” What does this imply? Basically, in terms of workplace safety and health, they should set an example wherein workers would realize the importance of safety and its impact on everyone. When workers are familiar with this, they’ll also be able to build trust with one another. 

2. Modernized Maintenance Methods 

When we talk about damage control, preventive maintenance is essential. Likewise, when working with heavy equipment, then you’ll be losing a hefty amount of cash as malfunction or failure could lead to wasting thousands of dollars.

Not just that, there are also costly repairs that are unavoidable without proper maintenance. That’s why it’s highly advised to resolve these issues before they even get worse, and with IoT technology, you can perform a proactive approach regarding this matter.  

Even construction companies can highly benefit from this. They can install IoT sensors on almost everything– even traffic barriers. Through this, they’ll be able to determine the real condition of equipment and take precautions in case there are complications or issues with it. As they work on these small issues, they’ll be able to avoid more significant problems later on. 

Aside from that, due to the fact that productivity is one of the few areas that still need a lot of improvement, especially in the construction industry, it only shows why project managers try to do everything to incorporate systems that would ensure that their crew would be able to stick with the schedule. 

Through the use of IoT, they’ll be able to provide overall productivity and meet the demands without any hassle at all. Even delays won’t be an issue as IoT can quickly eliminate this as well as construction costs. 

They can also employ indicators that utilizes a monitoring system to detect changes in temperature, vibration, and other necessary information that would indicate the need for maintenance. All of these can be checked through the use of a tablet and easily accessible in almost any device. 

3. Better Performance Tracking 

Safety should be the main priority, especially in the construction industry, as this is necessary to ensure success. Workers should be well protected, machines, and devices regularly checked, and the whole area should be inspected to prevent any forms of interruptions. Project managers are highly aware of this, and they know how important it is to stick with protocols and precautions. 

Project managers get all the help they need with the latest technologies available in the market. There is customized equipment that ensures the safety of everyone on the job site. There are also smart wearables that can be worn by workers, and it could detect accidents and alert those who are involved if there are approaching vehicles. 

As project managers take advantage of technology, they will have the peace of mind that everyone stays safe, and if maintained, then more people will be interested in becoming a part of this industry as it wouldn’t be as dangerous as how they perceive it. 

In a nutshell, everyone will significantly benefit from what technology has to offer, as long as it would be appropriately used and implemented.

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