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4 Reasons to Install a Monitor Wall Mount

At the office or in your home, it might be a good idea to install a Primecables monitor wall mount.  As a matter, of fact, there are a couple of benefits you can find nearly immediately once you finish this installation.

REASON #1:  It Saves Space

It might not seem like much but once you mount your monitor—and remove it from the desktop—you will quickly find you have a lot more space.  For some, this benefit might be somewhat minor but no matter your workspace, there is a really good chance even just a little space could improve your efficiency.  With a little more space on your desktop you might be able to better organize files, documents, and other aspects of your work.

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REASON #2:  It Is More Versatile

Versatility is not necessarily something that people prioritize when considering whether or not to install a monitor wall mount, but this benefit could surprise you.  Most wall mounts have lots of movement and viewing options and that means you can switch your monitor according to your particular needs. This allows you to adjust the distance of the screen as well as its orientation, depending on the type of viewing you need to do.

REASON #3:  It Reduces Neck and Strain

…and eye strain and back strain and wrist strain…

Indeed, a tabletop monitor rests at a single, static location on your desk. Most of the time, this is not at the optimum viewing angle and that means you probably hunch your shoulders and squint your eyes.  A properly mounted monitor, though, encourages better posture and that means you have less pain in your back and neck; and it is more ergonomic, which means less eye and wrist strain.

REASON #4:  It Can Suit Different Working Environments

Primarily, a monitor mount allows you to adjust to a standing desk or a treadmill desk, in addition to working while seated at the desk.  A lot of people seem to be moving towards a standing desk, or to spend part of the day working at a standing desk. Some health experts advise that this can encourage better circulation and help people achieve higher fitness levels than what we have seen in the past with traditional desks.  

Thus, when you use a monitor mount, you can also take better advantage of a standing desk and even a treadmill desk

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