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A Review of HubSpot

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The digital world is competitive and fierce. Not only that, it’s always interchanging. Google is changing their algorithms by the month it seems, and social media giants like Facebook are getting more involved in paid advertising.

That said, the traditional ways of marketing and sales have changed for small businesses and startups. What worked in the early 2ks won’t cut it today. Print, radio, and even television ads are costly and have been found ineffective.

Which brings us to the world of digital marketing. Digital marketing is on the rise and is growing each year as the new way to build leads and close potential customers. One of the best digital marketing and sales platforms out there is through HubSpot.

What Is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a company with an integrated system, that offers inbound marketing automation and sales software to help small to midsize business attract customers with updated digital media approaches.

HubSpot is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, but they have many partners, including Concentric Marketing, a UK company which offers HubSpot services from their Brighton based offices. They offer 24/7 customer service support and live chat. They also feature user guides and training curriculums to acquaint customers with their systemic methods better.

What Makes HubSpot So Effective?

With over 15,000 companies using HubSpot’s friendly and easy interface, the reason for their massive success is because they take several digital marketing tools and consolidate into one platform.

Marketing and Sales

Today, HubSpot has offices throughout the world and is used by developers, designers, and marketers.

Pricing And Plans

There is a free plan, which is very limited but allows you to utilize some of the tools HubSpot has to offer.

  • Starter: $50/mo
  • Basic: $200/mo
  • Pro: $800/mo
  • Enterprise: $2,400/mo

Blog Management

One of the great thing about HubSpot is the ease of creating and tracking your own blog posts. You get to see which and what works, and what isn’t working or reaching customers. HubSpot features a built-in analytics tool that allows you to track the progress of each blog post.

Email Marketing

If you are familiar with the digital world, then you know one of the biggest keys to success is getting a healthy email subscription list. With HubSpot, you can customize emails and manage email campaigns as well.

HubSpot makes it easy for you to see which prospect is best for the particular email you are sending out. With the visual editor tool, you can create and manage sophisticated looking email marketing campaigns from HubSpot’s easy to use interface.


SEO is always changing. Google is the king of implementing changes seemingly by the year. Their algorithms make it hard for small businesses to get an idea of what and what doesn’t work. HubSpot has a bunch of system tools that help with that. They help you analyze and optimize your pages.

Another great component is that HubSpot will even check your main competitor’s pages and see what kind of links they are bringing in, what kind of keywords they are using, what they are hitting and missing with as far as content. These are great tools to help a business improve its business intelligence.

Content Management System

HubSpot’s CMS allows you to track activity, organize contact information, create quick and easy emails with its integration system, make and record phone call through HubSpot’s queue call system, and much more. This helps with content creation, distribution, and most importantly, performance.


Track your web and social media from a single page. The integrated tool that is built-in allows you to see your weaknesses and strengths. Traffic charts, stat sheets and more.


The highly efficient system allows you to integrate both marketing and sales into one foundation.

Educational and supportive customer service.

Free services for someone curious to discover what HubSpot is all about.

Easy to use interface.

Great social media management tool. Makes it simple to manage all of your social media accounts under one page.


The price increase from basic to pro is fairly high.

The Verdict

The world of digital marketing and converting prospects into customers can be complicated and ever-changing. If you own a small to mid-size business, then HubSpot is a fantastic way to consolidate all of those tasks into one.

Considering that they have price-points for different levels of players, HubSpot makes itself viable for those looking to make marketing and sale management much easier to do.

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