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Are you making it easy for the hackers to steal your data when you use your smartphones?

Many of us are addicted to our smartphones and we can read about various smartphone syndromes that people suffer these days because of extensive use of these devices. More to that, there are also number of security issues and risks involved in using smartphones. If you are not cautious and if you do not take your online security serious, you are going to succumb to number of issues whereby you could end up losing your online identity and also your money.

Are you making it easy for the hackers to steal your data from your smartphones because of your carelessness? Are you fully guarded against all kinds of security threats? Have you taken all possible security measures? Are you following the online safety best practices? Probably not and most of us are not even aware how vulnerable we are when we make use of the smartphones.

When you send out an email, chat through instant messaging system, spend time in social media platforms sharing textual content, audio files or image files, surf the shopping sites, you are leaving a lot of trails. The information you share at various levels in numerous platforms keep lingering around in the servers and all these details could be captured and used against you by the hackers. Many of us happily make use of open Wi-Fi networks just because they get free data and this is where most often you invite trouble. If you do not have the best encrypted phone all the information you send out could be read by others for whom it is not intended. When you use advanced encryption software the message will be read only by the intended recipient.

There are many online security software solutions such as Ciphr, Encromail, Encrochat, Eliteguard, etc, all of them offer you only a certain amount of protection. In other words, all these offer you just a very limited level of protection. When you sign up for such services you are likely to feel complacent with the security solutions that you have installed thinking that you are 100% safe. In fact, you are under greater risk when you have false security. Such an approach to your online security will certainly make things easy for a hacker.

Look for the most impressive security solutions that will give you real protection. Do not think such solutions are not available. You just need to know where to look for such solutions. One of the most dependable solutions that you will find today is SkyECC. This is a tamper proof security solution which the hackers cannot penetrate. This system uses advanced security architecture whereby the hacking techniques do not work. Even if you are subjected to brute force you still could protect your data using duress password which when used destroys all the data from your device and from all the server locations. When you are subjected to physical threat and forced to share your device password you can share such a duress password with them and have all the data deleted.

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