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Best Apps For A Rooted Device

Rooting your device has become redundant these days compared to 2015. However, there are still plenty of reasons to root your device. It adds functionality that unrooted devices can’t have. It has a unique set of apps that non-rooted devices cannot use. If you’ve recently rooted your phone, you probably would want to search for apps that will make you make the best of a rooted experience. Here are the best apps you would find on a rooted android device.

  1. AdBlock Plus

AdBlock Plus is a free, open-source app. As you may have figured, it removes ads from the device. Root users swear by this app. Most bloggers don’t like it but have accepted that people find this app useful. This app is configurable so that some unobtrusive ads can get through. The app is also lightly configurable. It’s not available in the Play Store, but you can download it from the official app of ADB. It is one of the best root apps.

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  1. Flash Fire

Flash Fire is one of the root apps that everyone should try at least once. It is a service app that flashes firmware. That includes firmware from original manufacturers, OTA and OS updates, and more.  The website Chainfire has named this app the spiritual successor to Mobile Odin. It does a lot of stuff similar to Odin, but more efficiently. It also has a lot of other functions. Some of the functionality requires the pro version. It’s not very expensive, so feel free to support the developers by purchasing it. This is a tool you should have in your proverbial belt.

  1. Magisk Mobile

Magisk is the most popular and powerful of all root apps. It’s also relatively new. Its significant function is allowing you to hide root very efficiently. That lets you watch Netflix or use Snapchat with a rooted device which is usually not possible. It has a lot of other functions, including mods that add even more functionality. It’s a real must-have root app. It’s not available on Google Play. Hence, you’ll have to download the APK from the website of XDA Developers. The app is also in constant dynamic development. That means it gets new features, designs, and fixes quite frequently.

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