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Best Archiving Solution For SMB Shares And Windows File Servers

When it comes to identifying the best and most cost-efficient archiving solution for SMB shares and Windows file servers, there is no data archiving software better than ArchiverFS.

ArchiverFS can be referred to as the complete data archiving software that seamlessly and efficiently facilitates data migration between network file systems, SMB shares, and Windows file servers. One of the best things about ArchiverFS is that it provides users with the best solutions from open source software that can migrate massive amounts of files over the network to second tier storage like SAN or NAS.

The best thing is that this entire process is executed with only a tiny footprint on the host system. ArchiverFS helps you migrate and store old files in a controlled and cost effective manner while tackling challenges such as GDPR and Data Protection compliance. To know more, click here. ArchiverFS is also characterized by unique daily Maintenance job functionalities that return recently used files back to the live file system. Thereafter, file and folder permissions from the live system to the second line storage are exactly replicated. ArchiverFS is also featured by an unmatched three-tier storage construction including Live, Archived, and Graveyard stages. It allows the creation of a true and meaningful hierarchical System of storage for only a fraction of the cost of the existing traditional solutions. By using it, you can archive old files from any UNC path to any other UNC path and the target for this program can be a NAS, VM device, CIFS share, ISCSI volume, or storage in the cloud on Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

ArchiverFS shares seamless compatibility with Windows compression, Windows Server de-duplication, MS Search server, DFS or Distributed File System), SAN based replication and SDS. The installation of ArchiverFS is maintained on all versions of Windows from 2003 Server on, including Windows Storage Server and Server 2016.

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