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Decoded: Ways to Improve Your App Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and Reviews are often overlooked by the mobile application development companies. If you do so, stop at once! These two ASO elements have the potential to upside down your app popularity. Wondering how? In this article, we will discuss the importance of ratings and reviews and how to improve the app ratings and reviews to enjoy better perks of mobile app development. So, get ready!

Significance of App Ratings and Reviews

App Ratings and Reviews play a pivotal role in your mobile application development process in numerous ways.

  • More Downloads

Since 59% of the app users check ratings and reviews before downloading a new app, good Android and iOS app ratings and reviews can skyrocket your app download rate. So, improve your app feedback section and get millions of downloads on your mobile app.

  • Better Customer Relationships

App reviews and ratings empower you to look into the user concerns and make changes in your mobile app development process accordingly. Thus, helps you to launch the best version of your application as well as build better customer relationships.

  • Higher App Ranking

Both the Google Play Store and App Store algorithms for ranking the mobile apps checks for the high-quality reviews and ratings. So, if your mobile app has more positive reviews, your app’s ranking will improve. Whereas, the negative reviews will ruin your app ranking. So, pay attention to App Reviews and Ratings.

Hope, by now, you are convinced by the paramount importance of app ratings and reviews. So, let’s jump to the tactics to improve your app ratings and reviews:-

Ways to Upgrade Your App Ratings and Reviews

  • Build a Perfect App

The ultimate secret to getting millions of positive feedback is to build a mobile app that users love. Do the market research, invest in the best mobile app development practices, and launch an application that caters to the needs of the end users. If your app product really makes a difference in their lives – if you make your users happy, the positive reviews will surely follow.

  • Encourage the Users to Give Ratings and Reviews

It’s universally proven that an unsatisfied user is more likely to share a review than a happy one. In such a scenario, your review section will be filled with negative reviews. How to create a balance between negative and positive reviews? One way to do so is it encourages your app users to leave a review and rating.

However, bear in mind to find the right time to ask for a review or rating. Do not show the pop-up request every time they enter your application. Also, never ask for a review to the first-time user. Let them get acquainted with the app features and functionalities first. Asking earlier looking annoying, so prevent it.

  • Work on Negative Response

Whenever a negative review comes, developers often get confused about how to respond to app store reviews. The negative reviews might make you feel bad, they are a window to reach to your customers. It describes which section of your mobile app is lagging in providing exquisite experience to your end users. By acknowledging this, you can easily put your efforts into app maintenance and update. This not only makes your app fit for them but also make their presence important. So, don’t ignore negative reviews. Respond politely with an update.

  • Reward them for Ratings and Reviews

You can also lure them with some exciting in-app offers in return for leaving a review or ratings. However, keep in mind that Google Play Store and App Store have their own guidelines for managing app store ratings and reviews. So, check them first.

Ratings and Reviews are the two Crucial elements of ASO marketing. They can boost your app ranking and downloads, clearing the road to reach the top of the market. So, don’t neglect to invest your efforts and time into these elements. Focus on the different ways to enhance your app ratings and reviews today itself.

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