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Developing An Unstoppable Mindset For Sales Success

Your attitude plays a significant role in your success as a salesperson. In fact, it is believed that 90 percent of selling successfully is dependent on your mental state – a seriously heavy weight to contemplate. While the two most basic tools to achieving success are your knowledge and skills, it is just as important to get to the core of what you think about selling. Seriously analysing your attitude during a sales process will help you identify the reasons why you may not be making the quantity and quality of sales that you desire in an ideal situation.

It is important that you do everything you can to understand the perspective so that you don’t let your own mindset be the barrier to progressing leads through the pipeline and preventing business development due to naivety, stubbornness or failing to comprehend the context of a situation in a certain business environment.

You company might not have the budget, the facilities, the most functional website, the fancy lead generation software or the expensive marketing ploys – advertising budget and even presence event attendance. But this is not on you. Your job is to do what you can with what you have. And your most powerful asset is your mindset which you can build to be influential and unstoppable

Discover your motivation

People are motivated by what they see as value. Your goals define your motivations; therefore define what is important to you and your business, hopefully these will be aligned with. This should build towards and highlight what action you need to take and what will enable you to sustain that action for long-term impact. According to Jim Cathcart, an accomplished author, people often mistake motivation for an outward activity. On the contrary, a person has to find meaning in his or her actions in order to be motivated. Consequently to be successful as a salesperson, you must find genuine, tangible meaning in your actions. A good place to start is to ask yourself whether what you are doing matters and whether anyone cares about it. Ultimately the best case scenario for you and the business to move forward in a mutually beneficial capacity. This is the ideal catalyst to develop results as all cogs are spinning with support of one another. There are no breakdowns in the process.

Understanding buyers

The bottom line in your sales career is to sell. However, you must understand your buyers so you can present your product or service in the best light and actually adapt it to their own situation and needs. This adds value to them and is the trigger which will activate the conversion senses. For instance, buyers will hardly ever buy a product if they do not find it meaningful or relevant. This is why understanding your prospects and customers and giving them your full attention is more important than your attempts to convince them of the product’s benefits. Selling is largely an emotional process for the buyer and devising both emotional and logical reasons why your client needs your product should enhance your sales efforts.

It is always worth noting any new information you discover on a particular industry when liaising with different members of a business across the selling process. As it can help you out later when a similar situation arises you can understand their position and aim to solve the problem rather than it being the stopping point.

Identify the top and most frequently dealt with industries for crucial factors such as sales value, contract length, repeat custom, referral opportunities, etc. Create an order of priority to learn about and even arrange outside activities to enhance this. Bring someone in to speak about the industry and soak up as much information as you possibly can which can be applied during the sales calls.

Being able to commit to this level of research and hard work is what separates the elite selling mentality from the normal sales people who are unable to develop this mindset of achievement. You have to ask how badly do you want it? How ambitious are you? How much do you want to sell? The answers will not be the same for everybody, and the actions are what proves the truth.


Today’s customers and prospects will only do business with you if they trust you. While skill, knowledge and charisma play a significant role in influencing prospects to buy your product or service, a study carried out by the Forum Corporation found that honesty was the most definitive trait as far as customers were concerned. In fact, your honesty or lack thereof, determines your ability to retain customers and enjoy repeat business. Remember that a good reputation is not bought – it is earned.

You must remain disciplined to consistently create a positive business perception through maintenance of perception. It can’t be stressed enough how your mannerisms and approach to working professionals sets you apart from competitors who are £££ driven and forget to be humble and gracious. This is a journey, the building of a relationship, not a ‘sale’. If you can think like this and transition the process to your outbound communication then you will be expecting greater traction and response.  

Stay focused

Setting attainable goals will give you a reason to get up every morning feeling wakeful and alive. It provides you with the drive to inspire you to keep pushing all day to maximize every second and working minute. In addition, constantly working to become better should be a lifelong commitment. Availing yourself to all the available tools and resources to improve your knowledge and skills will keep you at the top of your game.

Be realistic and set goals which you can feasibly hit within a sensible time frame. Because the sense of accomplishment releases endorphins and keeps you fresh, striving to the next one. Alternatively you are trying so hard to hit a huge goal which is so far away, it is draining and demoralizing as you struggle through. Break it down and enjoy the small successes.

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