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Do you have a meeting and cannot move? The online video is the solution

The advantages of online video conferencing solution are key for teleworking. They allow you to establish a direct connection, see the reactions of your interlocutor, have a close communication, show resources and documents that. In addition, you can exchange directly and avoid Losses of time that, in the case of business, represent a significant cost savings.

It saves your time and effort

Video calls are the big bet of telecommunications and every day you know new options and new features from platforms such as Google, Facebook or large companies that offer the user the possibility to connect not only in the workplace, but also with family and friends with whom maintain a direct, fast and simple communication, but what is the best option?

The host should moderate the meeting to ensure that interventions do not overlap, and even to turn off the microphones of participants who are not currently involved to avoid possible external noise. It is curious but people who are not used to participate in a video conference, tend to remain silent if they are not given expressly, act differently than they do in a face-to-face meeting. This is corrected with experience.

Bonus: Uses of online videoconferencing for education

If you talk about the usefulness of communication 2.0 in the field of work or family, you cannot ignore the advantages of online videoconferencing for education for both teachers and students. Thanks to a video call you can establish a direct communication that is especially useful when learning and practicing a language.

In the same way, online videoconferencing allows you to advance in one of the trends of education 2.0 as is the collaborative work with which several students can participate in unison in a virtual meeting in which to contribute opinions, share resources and solutions with which enrich your training. Do you know these platforms to conduct an online videoconference on education?

Education and innovation

VC for education is an excellent tool, and very easy to use, aimed at both teachers and students, since it offers the possibility of teaching and receiving courses, classes and workshops online, free or paid. The difference with other similar platforms is that Class on Live only offers live courses, of good quality in image and sound. A good teacher supports VC tool to create virtual classrooms or webinar platform. It offers you the possibility of using a wide range of resources and audiovisual and multimedia tools to apply them in class.

Conclusion: How are participants invited?

The method of participation in videoconferencing must be very simple and fast. Guests must not be obliged to register an account in advance in order to access the service. Simply send a link via e-mail, whoever receives the e-mail click on the link that automatically opens the login page on the browser or app, enters his name and clicks on the button to enter the conference. Video conferencing only needs best Internet and good system – no moon landing technology.

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