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FIFA 19 reputation

FIFA series was not very much popular in the earlier 20s. But over time, EA Sports brought a lot of improvement in the FIFA gaming series, which help this game to earn a lot of reputation in the gaming industry.

Recently, EA Sports has released a new game of this series named as FIFA 19. This game has been in the gaming trend for quite a long time.

But what was the reason behind FIFA 19 popularity? Below are some of the main factor that makes this game stand out as compared to its competitors.

Football fan following

Football is the number one sports as compared to other sports in term of popularity. Over one billions people follow and play this sports on a regular basis.

Whether it be an online game or offline matches, people love to see their favorite team play on the field. The huge number of fan following of football sports is one of the biggest reason for the popularity of FIFA 19 game.

Moreover, Football has the most number of playing nation in comparison to other sports. Over 150+ nations love playing football and have their international team, which also help to enhance the reputation of FIFA game.

If you compare other sports games of EA Sports, you will surely see that they are not that much popular because the number of playing nation for that particular sports is less as compare to Football.

So the popularity of football is one of the main reason that FIFA is a popular game among all other sports game. But now the question arises that there are already many football game but why FIFA is popular among them?

The solution to this question is pretty simple; well EA sports try to bring many innovations in their new release. They add new players, stadiums, kits, and item with each release, which is loved by the users. This is the reason that FIFA can beat its competitors with ease.


EA sports had worked really hard to add realistic graphics effect in FIFA 19 game. These realistic graphics make it feel like the User’s favorite player, and the team is playing in front of him.

User loves this high-quality experience and spends hours and hours of a gaming session on FIFA 19. Due to this realistic effect, you will feel like you are playing with your desired player in real life, which is a plus point of this game.

If you play other football games and compare them with FIFA 19, you will know that they are nowhere near FIFA 19 concerning graphics. FIFA 19 competitors need to grind hard to compete with this masterpiece.

However, PES 19 is another football game that can give a tough competition to FIFA 19. But PES series is not very much popular in comparison to the FIFA series, and it may take some time for PES to reach the level of FIFA gaming series.


FIFA 19 comes out with a lot of features and offer a variety of option for the players. There are more than 700 teams with 30 leagues and thousands of player in the game.

All the team has a separate kit and stadium. Other than these features, there are different modes that you can play within FIFA 19. These modes include Squad Battles, UEFA champion’s leagues, practice arena, Weekend League, ultimate team, and Pro Clubs.

FIFA Ultimate team is among the most famous mode in this game, and I, as a FIFA 19 gamer also like it. Because this mode offers you the option to create a team including all your favorite players.

Other than this, it also enables the user to select different items like kits, stadiums, etc. for their team.

All these modes make the user spend hours and hours on FIFA 19 with getting bored. However, this game also provides the option to play as a single mode or multiplayer mode.

So if you ever get bored of the single player game, you can switch to multiplayer mode and compete with your family or friend in FIFA 19. The variety of option provided by FIFA 19 is another reason behind the higher demand for this game.

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