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Folx, LimeWire Alternative For Mac To Be Used Lately

Few years back, Lime Wire was stated to be the superfast and much popular file sharing application. But, from 2010, the era of Lime Wire came to an end. The members have to shut complete operation, which comprises of search, download, upload and even file distribution or trading. This center taught the users to download and even share the content with others. Now, as it doesn’t exist no more, users are looking for the best alternative to take help of. The result is here under the name of Folx, LimeWire alternative for Mac, which you have been eyeing for so long. It is the perfect alternative you can actually come across for sure.

Unites two functions:

Folx is always considered to be a great alternative for the LimeWire for Mac. It helps in uniting two of the major functions in software body. One is the torrent client and another one happens to be the task of a download manager. It is rather easy for you to use. All you need to do is open the webpage where your file is. After that, click on link and then the download process will start. The best thing about this procedure is that it is completely few of cost. So, you need not bother spend a single dime from your pocket while using Folx.

Services you can get:

This LimeWire alternative Mac, Folx, helps in resuming some interrupted and paused downloads too and offers convenient tagging for downloads. It will help you to find files within a blink of your eyes, even if you have downloaded it a while ago and forgot the storing spot.  For higher speed, this source helps in splitting downloads into maximum 20 threads. You can further get to schedule download tasks depending on your convenient level for sure.

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