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How Does the IoT with Smart Homes Change User’s Attitude to Energy?

Today consumption of electricity is checked by consumers in real time. Thus, they become critical of the status quo. As the result, numerous providers get new streams for the incomings.

Over the past years, IoT along with green technologies have made a huge step forward in the effectiveness of energy usage. Nevertheless, there are not many people in the US who are totally sure that their homes save power.

Recently, KaaIoT, gave to the world their new study in which they claim that only 9% of households are sure that their accommodations are energy efficient.

Moreover, more than 50% of the US house owners believe that energy efficient technologies are essential for the modern economy.

Users and Providers. How Huge is the Gap Between Them?

Parks Associates claims in their report that today users think about energy efficiency when they purchase some products. This list includes the purchase of the housing.

However, they argue that the break between providers of smart home technologies and companies that produce energy, and the ways how users interact with the data given them by the IoT is growing.

After studying these issues, Parks said that now people start checking the usage of energy in real time, thus receiving easy to understand electricity.

Important Technologies

Parks Associates also notices that modern solutions for lighting and thermostats connection become more and more popular. As a result, the IoT and technologies for the smart homes play a very important role in the entire energy market.

They say their research evaluates these two markets, defines each product’s main channels, shapes owners and people who could make a purchase.

Particular attention in the study is given to users of broadband access. The reason is that such connection gives a chance to build more business strategies.

As a conclusion to the report Parks claims that integration of all these new strategies gives the possibility to build new income flows in the connected homes.

Changing User Attitudes

Tom Kerber, director of IoT Strategy, noticed that people now think about energy usage effectiveness and about what they purchase in the technology market, and are shaping around it.

Tom explained that existing gap between expectations of users related to house efficiency and its real performance is giving great opportunities.

He also added that decision-making can be simplified with the help of customized recommendations and tools provided by utilities.

What Says Internet of Business

The study discloses that consumer requirements are driving the market, thanks to the real-time usage data easily accessible at households and businesses. The important factor here is how fast is the connection. That defines how fast the intake and smart energy procuring can take off. The connection of smart techs is essential. The slow one becomes a break in progress and innovations.

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