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How to Stop Annoying Spam Comments on a Blog

Spam comments are probably one of the problems faced by many blog owners today. If you do not have a plugin installed to stop the spam, you could get hundreds of comments each day. To stop the spam, you can either install a plugin that can block the spam and turn commenting off on your blog.

If you want to install a plugin to stop spam comments, you can choose from among the wide variety of plugins designed to stop spam. One of the best you can get is Akismet. This plugin is considered by many bloggers as the best WordPress plugin when it comes to stopping spam comments. It is effective in stopping spam comments completely. Installing this plugin is also very easy. Some blog owners might think they need to visit a local computer repair shop to work on their blog and to fix spam issues, but it’s actually something that is handled right within WordPress.

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Turning the comment off on your site is a quite controversial topic in the world of blogging. That is because blog is defined as creating community and promoting interaction. Turning off the comments can discourage interaction and can keep you from knowing what your readers want to say. But if you are extremely bothered by the idea that you will be bombarded by hundreds of nonsense comments on your blog, you should consider turning the commenting function off.

If you are using WordPress, doing this is very easy. But before taking the first step, you should consider the goal or purpose of your blog. Are you looking to create a community on your site and encourage interaction among your readers? Or is the primary focus of your website is to deliver information? If your answer is the latter, then turning off the comments on your blog would be the best choice.

The first thing to do is switch the commenting off in your WordPress settings. When you logged in to WordPress in admin mode, click on the settings menu and then open discussion. You will then have a variety of options that you can play around with on the page. In order to switch the commenting off, choose the option ‘allow people to post comments on new articles’.

Also, you may opt to simply moderate and approve the comments posted on your blog. If you want to do this, simply tick option saying the ‘an administrator should always approve the comment.

If you are having some problems with the spam comments you get on your blog, it can be extremely frustrating. These spam comments are making unwanted surprises and are annoying you every time you open your blog. Fortunately you can stop those spam comments from coming by either installing a plugin designed to stop spam comments or simply turn the commenting off by moderating the comments and approving them only if you agree on it.

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