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Keeping SEO Skills Optimized

SEO is here to stay and as such keeping SEO skills up-to-date with the advancing technologies means continual learning for SEO writers and specialists.

The company’s web site is search engine optimized (SEO) with content, articles, press releases, and fact sheets – for today anyway.

Digital Search Consultancy has evolved over the past few years and will continue to evolve and change well into the next decade along with online consumer behaviours.

Keeping SEO skills optimized to interpret those behaviours requires continual training and development.

SEO Training and Development

What is involved with SEO training and development? As with any profession, it involves:

  • Some classroom or workshop studies
  • Continual reading about advancements and uses
  • Self-study
  • Online monitoring and practice.

The best learning tools for SEO are the searches themselves. Using the search engines to search with keywords or phrases will help professionals see how results are compiled and listed.

Using the keyword programs such as WordTracker is another effective tool for continual improvement. Other ways to keep skills sharp are monitoring competitor’s web site for SEO content and keeping up with industry jargon that searches would use to search.

Technology Training

A second level of training involved with SEO is the technology itself. Web 3.0 is just up around the bend and with it will come new SEO features and processes.

The easiest way to keep up with the technology side of SEO is to read news, views and updates at Google.com.

Google was the driving force behind the development of SEO and will be a leader well into the future development of SEO.

Integrating SEO and Social Media

For the immediate future, learning the best ways to integrate SEO and the use of social media will be the learning challenge for many marketers and public relations professionals.

Combining the two technologies is a must do if either of the technologies are to be used effectively. Knowing how to use SEO or knowing how to use social media does not provide a free pass when learning how to combine the two into an effective online power tool.

Learning new ways to use SEO and learning how to integrate the two technologies will certainly provide a solid foundation to keeping SEO skills sharp.

SEO is a Continual Learning Process

To be a lifelong user of SEO, a person has to become a lifelong learner. SEO is not a one-shot process where someone can learn enough to get the content online and then forget what they have learned and decide they know all they need to know.

Web content has to be dynamic with fresh new content on a regular basis. Keeping it fresh requires it be kept search engine optimized – which in turn requires SEO skills to be kept up-to-date using the latest and greatest features and processes.

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