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SEO Basics Every Business Owner Should Know

When you want your business to be successful, you will most likely want to hire Northern Virginia SEO services to raise the profile of your business. However, if you want to get the most out of your SEO, there are some basic facts that you need to know.

It Won’t Be Immediate

SEO needs time to work. The moment your SEO expert updates your site is not when your business suddenly gets a boost. SEO takes time to work. Though search engines update regularly, it will still take time before the changes affect your search engine rankings and your traffic. SEO is a long-term investment so it would be best to expect results to happen in a few months time.

Ask For Mobile Presence

One of the things that you should request your SEO expert is to ensure that you have mobile presence. Nowadays, people use smartphones and tablets regularly. This is especially so when they are on the go. You’ll want a website that adapts well to this platform. Search engines are also aware of this trend and highly rate any website that can adapt to mobile. Responsive web design is the choice of many website owners since it automatically adapts a website to the viewing platform, without needing a separate site.

Get Your Social Media On

Another essential part of SEO nowadays is social media. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or something similar, social media presence is an integral part of raising the visibility of a website. This is why your SEO experts need to be able to go beyond your website and help improve your presence on social media. The more you have presence in social media, there will be more links to your official page. This can visibly help your rankings on the search engine results page.

Organic Content Is Key

One of the prime reasons that you will want to hire SEO professionals is that they would be able to provide your visitors with organic content. Content is what draws people into your site. Unlike manipulative tactics like keyword stuffing and others, original content that encourages visitors is ranked highly by search engines. However, creating good content is not natural. You need to be able to produce content that does not at all feel like a promotional pitch. Trust your SEO experts to provide that for you.

Request For A Smooth Visitor Experience

When you are having your site remade by SEO experts, try to work with them to get the perfect balance between being quick and informative. For example, Google thinks that the best websites need to be fully loaded into the browser in just three seconds. This can be surprisingly limiting but with the right help, you can have a very quick and responsive website that is also user-friendly.

Video is The Future

It is estimated that in just a few years, more than a quarter of Internet traffic will be video. You will want to be part of that change. It will also affect your SEO rankings when you have video content available.
Tessa offers Northern Virginia SEO services so you can enhance your presence online. Remember, your website is your doorstep to the rest of the world, and we can help you attract a bigger audience.

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