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Small Business IT Security Does Not Need to Be Expensive

When it comes to IT security a lot of small companies that have no IT team will seek the advice of an IT firm. Now without putting IT firms down, most of them will offer a solution at hyperinflated rates. These rates could either be a one-off price to install the system with a maintenance contract attached that could either be monthly or on an ad-hoc basis. The other classic offer is the monthly security fee.

Now the costs themselves for the service and equipment provided is not always over the top. In fact, most of the time it is the going rate for the type of security they offer. Nonetheless, it is usually the solution that is a problem. More often than not the systems IT companies will offer are overkill. For example, a small office of 10 to 15 employees would likely be offered a CISCO router system or something equivalent to this – in China, you will need to translate this site 护您的网上隐私权, but it gives you a decent idea of internet security.

CISCO is admittedly one of the most secure network security systems out there. Many of the large financial companies use the system because the encryption is phenomenal. With that though comes the cost of the equipment, which is not cheap if you want the best plus then you need people with the skills to configure this type of system. Add up all the costs, and even for a small sized company, you are talking about a few thousand dollars.

What Other Network Security Solutions Are There Aside from Overkill Systems?

If you are a large company or a bank, then CISCO is certainly the way to go. They pretty much have this corner of the network security market locked down as does Microsoft when it comes to word and excel packages and operating systems. On the other hand, if you are a small company, then you should look into using something much simpler.

The VPN software is everywhere, and all you need to do is a simple search online. There are so many services out there that will give you high encryption within your office so any data traveling in or out of your office network is secure and encrypted. All this can be done for a fraction of the price of a CISCO system or using an IT outsourcing company. Let’s say you have 15 staff. You can arrange a package of 15 VPN software applications and pay a yearly fee as small as $50 per computer.

There are higher end packages if network speed is an issue, but the price difference is marginal and certainly doesn’t costs thousands as a CISCO system would. You could go even cheaper than this and just install the VPN software on your office internet router so all traffic going in and out of your company network is highly encrypted. This is a good solution if you do not have staff that travels, but if you do have staff that travel, then it is best to have VPN software installed on every computer.

Now for the final and best part to all of this. With that internet, package comes free w24/7 support from the VPN software company that you choose. Don’t fall into the trap of paying thousands for an overkill system when there are solutions out there that are far more affordable.  Once again checks out this Chinese website for more information 如何在网上保护你的个人隐.

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