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Stay risk-free with Complement

Cable tray is referred as a bridge that allows the safe transportation of wires across the length which is open. It protects the wires against fire build up and overheating problems. It is a part of cable management system andavailable in multiple styles and sizes. It eases the work of exit and entering the existing or new wires. The cable tray is probably used for the handling the heavy bundles of web and protecting them from serious damages. It is a suggestion that you must check the configuration before selecting any cable tray.

It is a material that is used for holding the wires and cables safely inside offices or buildings. That is the reason because of which it is mostly used in the construction sites. This proves their worthiness as a safety option for all the open wires. It is cost-effective. The design of this Cable Guide is user-friendly. The installation process of the cable tray is quite easy and it hardly takes a couple of minutes.

Types of Cable tray

Cable trays are either made of aluminium, steel or Fibre Reinforced plastic (FRP). These trays are available in different types. They are:

  1. Solid bottom cable tray– It is usually used for the protection of very sensitive circuits.
  2. Channel cable tray– It is often used for installations with a limited number of tray cable when the channel is nasty.
  3. Ladder type cable tray– This type of cable tray is used in almost 75 percent of wiring system installation.
  4. Wire mesh cable tray– It is mostly used for telecommunication and is installed on shorter spans.
  5. Single rail cable tray– This type of cable tray is mostly used for low voltage and the other power cable installations.
  6. Through cable tray– It is generally used for heat-generating applications.

The best place where you can get help

When it comes to safety regarding electrical appliances, no one loves to take a risk. So, it is a lot better option to choose the best one for the Cable Guide.

Complement Ltd. Co. produces excellent quality of cable trays. They are well-known for their supreme quality and satisfying services.

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