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Top Security Tips For Call Centers

Thousands of companies rely on contact centers to outsource their support operations. Recently this has become a global trend. The industry has witnessed massive growth and it has evolved a lot in the last decade.

With adoption of sophisticated technologies in the call center industry, loopholes of security risks have also seeped in. Since call centers deal with massive amounts of client data on a daily basis, any security breach can lead to severe consequences. For example, AT&T was fined for $25 million for a significant privacy breach affecting their Mexico call center.

With this in mind, call centers need to adopt security measures to bolster the defense of cloud call center security against cyber criminals and hackers. Listed below are some of the effective security measures a call center setup can use:

Deployment of robust security protocols

Call centers should have robust security measures deployed and this can be done by opting for Genesys call center security solutions that can be implemented at various levels.

Call center software should have features that help identify spam callers or suspicious callers. This will ensure that crucial customer data would not get into wrong hands.

Security protocols must be in place for call center agents as well. The agents should be given access to critical company data only after passing through the authentication at all times.

If these concepts seem a bit complicated, Genesys PureCloud security suite can become of help. Recently PureCloud security has been changing the very face of call center security.

Strong password and access control

Data access for call center agents should be monitored carefully. Access to vital data should not be given to all employees. Those employees that have access to sensitive data should be required to go though several authentication steps.

This may include password input, biometric authentication and varying levels of access. Only management would have full control over the data, and the rest of the employees may be given read-only access without the ability to modify data. Regular change of passwords is also a good preventative measure.

Timely software updates and upgrades

Call center management needs to make sure that all software pieces are updated on a regular basis. Software updates eradicate security loopholes and add new features, including new safety features.

Sometimes replacing an outdated piece of software altogether may be a good decision. Nowadays, many call centers opt for cloud-based solutions to run their operations.

Focus on security aspects during agent training

In almost any call center new agents have to go through training. Training sessions cover various nuances of call center operations. The management needs to make sure that the training modules include a comprehensive section on call center security practices. This will allow the new agents to correctly understand security protocols from the beginning, which will help evade pitfalls in their work later.

Keep multiple alert provisions in place

Data theft or breach can occur in any organization, including call centers. To be aware of security failures, it is worthwhile to put in place breach alert mechanisms. This will help follow up on the problem and take preventive measures as soon as possible. Alerts can be implemented in the form of email, text messaging, and phone calls.

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