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Types of alarming systems that you can get for your home

Security alarms are essential for home security system, they prevent your house from theft and burglary. Their efficiency makes a house three times safer than a non-alarming system house but what makes them so reliable? It’s their way of working in three stages, viz. identification, enact and protect. Many trust-worthy companies like JBS surveillance provide you alarming systems for homes, offices, factories, etc. with the features of software and app to arm and disarm remotely, scheduled activation, access codes, 24X7assistance, etc. These are few most popular and dependable systems available in the market:

Glass Break Sensors – They work on simple principle by detecting the infrasonic and ultrasonic sound waves, generated when a glass breaks. These devices are installed near the glasses and they detect the waves in no time and trigger the alarm system.

Ultrasonic Detectors – They emit high frequency waves of 25-75 kHz which is inaudible to humans. It calculates the time travelled by waves in the whole area and any motion can change these calculations. When it detects sudden change, it triggers the alarm.

PIR Motion Sensors – The Passive Infrared Motion Detectors work on the principle of detecting the presence of any matter by emitting infrared waves. A built-in circuit rings up the siren when it detects any temperature spike or moving object.

Magnetic Switches – Also known as Reed Switches, they are mostly used by households. They have circuit connected with magnet and locks of closed doors and windows. When any intruder tries to open it, the alarm rings up.

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