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Use TTSPY monitor app to protect children from online world

Today it is common for children to have smart phones or tablets, so children with access to the Internet on different devices may have difficulty protecting themselves if they are not ready for that. Luckily, there are many kinds of monitoring apps such as TTSYP spy app can help parents to do this job. With the help of TTSPY spy app, parents no longer to worry online safety of their children. Following are some tips for using the spy app. 

Children spend more time for internet with their phones

As we know, children now spent most of the time with their phones for internet activities. With the help of a spy app, parents can filter your child’s Internet use by configuring your child’s iOS and Android settings on the target device. Parents can restrict some keywords searching on browser or block some websites which contains harmful content for children. You can also set a time limit for Internet use. In addition, most major email providers, such as Google and Yahoo, allow parents to create an email account for younger children. These accounts will resend all emails and allow you to continue communicating with your contacts. Children must be at least 13 years old before obtaining their Google or Yahoo account.

At present, most social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram require person with at least 13 years of age to get an account. But children under such age or above can get an account. Parents can use the spy app to monitor social media activities such as chatting records to protect their children. Many programs and applications can monitor teenagers’ social media accounts and alert parents with inappropriate words and photos. There are many programs and software applications, ranging from free to expensive, that can provide detailed reports on your child’s browsing history and time spent online and at each site.

What is the best spy app for parent?

If you want to use a spy app, you can use the TTSPY spy app which has many useful features, such as social media monitoring, location tracking. Social network monitoring is one of the most useful features. With the help of this spy app, you can monitor Instagram, Twitter and Facebook activities to know what they posts or photos your child viewed.  There are many other features for the spy app. You can download it from its website and install it on the target phone.

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