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What is a DAM? Why is DAM software getting popular?

DAM stands for digital asset management. It is a business process which rich media is organized, stored, and retrieved and also manages digital permissions and rights. Rich media are music, videos, photos, podcasts, animations and any other multimedia contents.

Through DAM an archive is created, digital assets are preserved and managed through it, and through the function of search the end users can identify, locate and retrieve assets. To be straight, the DAM is a collection of database records. A database record has metadata containing the file name, format and every information of the contents of it and usage. By digital management software, one can create as well as manage database and store rich media files for a company.

Digital Asset

Once the digital media management software tools were used only by the publishing and media companies, now they are also incorporated in the content management system, and particularly retail sales companies who have a customer-facing website are showing interests in them. Enterprise content manage and DAM are almost the same, in ECM is used to organize text documents, spreadsheets, and email.

DAM Software Benefits

Using DAM software, you can access digital media from anywhere and at any time. DCM is intuitive and can be integrated and implemented fast.


If anyone is in need of optimized digital asset workflows, they are going to need a digital asset management system. With the help of DAM, such as MediaBeacon, the marketers will be able to grow their brand and keep on growing consistently with DAM system. The workflows can also be optimized by the designers so that searches are carried out quickly for files. Anytime, at anywhere the search teams will be able to have up-to-date resources and materials. An agency can have their creative files faster with the help of DAM. Delivery processes can be optimized using the DAM.  

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