We have provided a group of Web Marketing Applications within your Web Control Panel that may assist you efficiently market your sites on the Internet. The sitemap generation tool can help you obtain a complete sitemap of your web site. Furthermore, you’re able to post that sitemap to the search engines to scan your site. The RSS News syndication tool will help you produce regularly refreshed information on your index page so you’ll get better possibilities to climb higher in search engine results. Also, we’ve included a GeoIP re–direction instrument that will help you approach your clients a lot more precisely in accordance with their physical area.

A Sitemap Generator

Get a sitemap with all your webpages a click of the mouse

The simplest method to get your newly introduced website placed in the search engines will be to post a sitemap. The sitemap offers all the web pages within your site and by uploading it to a search engine, you tell it you’d like to have those pages to be listed without delay. Sitemaps are generally built by 3rd party instruments. However, here, you don’t have to navigate out of your Web Control Panel. HokiNet Technology’s custom–built Sitemap Generator is included into the Advanced Tools area and is going to complete a sitemap for you with a mouse click.

All that you should do is opt for the top number of pages you need to be scanned, the range of the indexed links as well as the format of the sitemap document.

Sitemap Generator

GeoIP Redirection

Reroute site visitors in accordance with their location

Using the GeoIP redirection application that’s included in the Domain Name Manager of the HokiNet Technology Web Control Panel, it is easy to route your visitors according to their geographic area. For instance, in case you have various language variations of the site, you may set up a specific language variant to immediately open for users from the location where that language is used. By doing this, when a user coming from France opens up your site, she will be immediately taken to the French version, without needing to move to French on her own. To make use of the GeoIP redirection tool , you’ll not need just about any knowledge or technical capabilities. Simply identify the physical location of the visitors and the URL of your website that you want to come up for them automatically.

GeoIP Redirect

RSS News

Showcase the most up–to–date publications within your site

What is actually RSS? RSS is a method for submitting and accumulating web content. It is becoming commonly used by information websites, individual weblogs, newscasts, etcetera. The presented information is easily collected by a news aggregator and then displayed to the user. Using RSS, customers may pick up announcements from different sites and review them in a sole place.

With the RSS News Publication tool, you can quickly integrate news feeds from many of the world’s most well–liked information outlets and exhibit them on you website.

RSS News